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Sherri Von Wolfe

Profile picture of Sheri Von Wolfe.  She has short brown hair, green eyes, and is smiling.  She is standing in front of trees and a lake.
Architect | Facilities Accessibility Specialist

Areas of Expertise

Sherri has collaborated with the University of Washington CCER-Accessible Design and Innovative Inclusion program (ADII) since 2018, officially joining the team in 2024. Her roles include providing clients with ADA technical assistance during the design and construction phases of building projects, reviewing all phases of building/design plans, providing on-site accessibility assessments, and contributing written reports with technical reference to the ADA and other federal, state, and local government accessibility guidelines.

Relevant Education

Sherri earned her Master of Architecture (MArch) from the University of Oregon and has worked as an architect in Alaska for over a decade, providing comprehensive design and project management services through all project phases. Along with her architectural qualifications, Sherri holds physical therapy and counseling degrees from the University of New Mexico. Her earlier roles include working as an Independent Living Advocate, community accessibility specialist, aging-in-place specialist, and pediatric physical therapist. Sherri's diverse background has given her a unique insight into the built environment's impact on accessibility and inclusion. She currently owns a part-time architectural practice with her husband.