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Washington VR Institute

The Washington VR Institute is conducted virtually by the UW Center for Continuing Education in Rehabilitation in partnership with WA Department of Vocational Rehabilitation. The training is designed to be an interactive seminar that will build upon your expertise to enhance and increase your knowledge and skills in several key foundational areas of rehabilitation counseling.

The training is broken into cohort-style groups, and will be delivered over 12 sessions, each 5 hours long. Each session will cover a different topic, from Case Management to Vocational Assessment, and much more.

The training objectives are to develop and provide:

  • An overview of the history, philosophy, goals, and techniques of rehabilitation counseling.
  • An increase in the participant’s understanding of the laws guaranteeing individuals with disabilities access to the workplace, schools, and the environment.
  • An overview of assessments in the vocational rehabilitation process that support the rehabilitation practitioner in interpreting and evaluating psychological and vocational assessments results.
  • An understanding of the case management process and the role of the rehabilitation practitioner in the rehabilitation process.
  • An increase in the participant’s awareness of caseload management strategies and techniques.
  • An increase in the participant’s knowledge of the medical, psychological, cultural and social factors related to disability that may impeded or enhance the counseling process.
  • The rehabilitation practitioner with a psychosocial perspective from which to evaluate values and ethics with respect to rehabilitation counseling.
  • An overview of counseling theories and strategies used in the rehabilitation counseling process.
  • An understanding of the principles and techniques used in career decision making with individuals with disabilities, including occupational and job placement strategies.

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