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For Businesses

We provide practical solutions and resources for businesses through a combination of consultation and product services to promote the inclusion of people with disabilities. 

According to the US Census, approximately 56 million people in the US have a disability, representing a combined $300 billion in discretionary spending power. It is increasingly important that companies work to ensure that they are accessible to everyone.

Examples of recent CCER consultations for businesses include:

  • Basic accessibility survey and training of Disability Resources for Students staff at Western Washington University
  • Disability language and etiquette training of Washington State Library staff
  • Website accessiblity training in partnership with Center for Technology and Disability Studies (CTDS) at Costco Corporate Office
  • Public accommodation and ADA training at the Olympus Spa
  • Face-to-face training with an overview of Title II of the ADA, Self-Evaluation for Building and Grounds, and Public Rights of Way (PROW) for the City of Corvallis

For more information on CCER's consulation services for businesses, please contact Susan Dziedzic, (425) 771-7420.