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Region X Vocational Rehabilitation Coalition (RXVRC)

Since fall 2014, the Region X Vocational Rehabilitation Coalition (RXVRC) has provided ongoing peer-to-peer support amongst seven VR agencies across the region, along with informal consultations with CCER staff. Partners include State Rehabilitation Councils, Client Assistance Programs, Tribal VR Programs, and Rehabilitation Counseling Educators, bringing a broad perspective to our regional efforts. The following outline lists three tiers of RXVRC services and activities:

Tier 1: Basic Level of Support

The glue that holds things together and allows us to stay in touch. Based on dues/annual subscriptions from state VR agencies.

  1. Yearly regional gathering of VR Directors, Assistant Directors, VR Direct Service Deputies, HR and Training Staff, Fiscal, Business Engagement, Pre-ETS/Transition, and/or other specified staff and partners.
  2. Monthly/quarterly Community of Practice calls supporting VR Administration, Program Managers, and direct service staff. Examples are VR Trainers, Pre-ETS, Community Rehab Program (CRP) Managers, Business Enterprise Program (BEP) Directors, and Program Evaluators.
  3. Monthly VR Director Community of Practice calls.
  4. Consultations to address/troubleshoot strategic challenges and/or help to access other resource(s)/consultants as needed; if these develop into larger projects, they would require negotiation of a service agreement

Tier 2: Addressing Needs Shared Across Agencies/States/Regions

Professional development activities that include multiple agencies or are open enrollment. Based on registration fees or negotiated contracts. Past examples include:

  • RSA Monitoring
  • Leading in Uncharted Territories
  • Emerging Leaders Series

Tier 3: Contract Work for Individual Agencies

Professional development activities provided to one agency or group. Based on negotiated contracts. Past examples include, but are not limited to:

  • Comprehensive State Needs Assessment (CSNA)
  • CRP Rate Study
  • TVR Program Evaluation
  • In-Service Conference Planning
  • Foundational Rehab Instruction
    * Authentic Leadership Development.
    * Aspiring Leadership Instruction.
    * 32 foundational courses related to medical aspects, psychosocial aspects, and vocational considerations of disabilities and medical conditions.

For more information on RXVRC, contact Kelly Franklin,, 541-301-4925.