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Completed Projects

As a national leader in Continuing Education in Rehabilitation, CCER maintains a reputation for innovation and cutting-edge approaches to project execution and management. Here’s a list of some of CCER’s recently completed projects:

ADA Training Network

CCER supported network members in Alaska, Idaho, Oregon, and Washington from the business, rehabilitation, and disability communities to provide accurate ADA and disability information using a curriculum developed in partnership with Cornell University.

The Blue Path Program (2010)

CCER’s Northwest ADA Center helped businesses become more accessible to customers with disabilities and provided information to people with disabilities about where to shop, dine, or go for fun.

Costco Corporate Office

CCER provided consultation and training on Website Accessibility in partnership with CTDS staff to the Costco web developers team, user experience team, and managers.

Greys Harbor County

CCER provided presentations on ADA Basic Reasoning; Title II (State and Local Government) Obligations; and Disability Language and Etiquette to county staff.

Idaho Commission for the Blind and Visually Impaired Client and Staff Survey (2017)

University of Washington/Center for Continuing Education in Rehabilitation completed a comprehensive research survey regarding the needs of clients and staff of Idaho Commission for the Blind and Visually Impaired(ICBVI).  As of August 2017 the Final Report detailing the results of the survey was sent to ICBVI for review.

Job Driven Vocational Rehab Technical Assistance Center

Across the project's three years, JDVRTAC improved the capacity of state VR agencies and associated rehabilitation professionals to work with employers and training providers as they develop partnerships that lead to increased opportunities for individuals with disabilities to engage in competitive employment.

Olympus Spa

CCER provided consultation and staff training on Public Accommodations and the ADA, specifically related to standards and guidelines on Title III for business establishments.

Technical Assistance and Continuing Education (TACE) Center (2008-2014)

Funded by the Rehabilitation Services Administration, CCER provided information, training, technical assistance, and continuing education activities to meet the training and organization development needs of state vocational rehabilitation agencies and their partners in Alaska, Idaho, Oregon, and Washington.

Washington State Department of Corrections (DOC) (2013-2015)

The Northwest ADA Center provided training and on-site technical assistance in the larger physical facility surveys and consulted and advised on program access matters. As of January 2015, 100% of the survey has been completed on the 13 prison facilities on time and on budget. CCER continues to provide consultation and maintain an ongoing partnership with the WA DOC staff through the Northwest ADA Center projects.

Washington State DVR Comprehensive Needs Assessment (2014)

This joint project between Washington State Department of Social Health Services Division of Vocational Rehabilitation (DSHS/DVR), University of Washington, Center for Continuing Education (CCER), and the Washington State Rehabilitation Council (WSRC) provided detailed information on the demographics of individuals with disabilities, ages 16 years and older in Washington state, including those receiving Social Security benefits, and identified their needs for vocational rehabilitation services. The outcome reports from this project are being used by DSHS/DVR and WSRC to provide targeted services that meet the identified needs of individuals with disabilities within the specified demographic for vocational rehabilitation services with an even higher level of efficiency and effectiveness.

Washington VR CRP Cost Study

The purpose of this project was to complete an analysis of the current fees paid to Community Rehabilitation Programs (CRPs) for providing services to individuals with disabilities referred and funded by the Washington Division of Vocational Rehabilitation (DVR). The cost study worksed to determine if the fees paid to CRPs are sufficient to cover the cost of services outlined in contracts executed by DSHS/DVR and to inform future adjustments in milestone and outcome payments made for such services.

Youth in Transition

CCER assists the Washington State Juvenile Justice and Rehabilitation Administration (JJRA) in its development and implementation of a system of supports for youth coming out of incarceration that provides for successful re-entry into employment and positive futures. 

This is a joint project involving staff members from Juvenile Rehabilitation Administration (JRA) and Division of Vocational Rehabilitation (DVR) focusing on the needs of all incarcerated youth.