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State Rehabilitation Council (SRC)

These materials were developed by RSA and the Regional Rehabilitation Continuing Education Programs (RRCEPs) in Region IX (at San Diego State University) and Region X (at CCER) and made available for SRC training in 2005. They have not been updated, and some of the details are no longer accurate. RSA plans to have them updated and made available nationally once the WIOA regulations are finalized; meanwhile, these older materials still provide useful information about rehabilitation history and other aspects of the role of the SRC that has not changed.

SRC Resources and Training Information 

Download All Training Materials (294 MB)

Files included in download:

  • Chris Lewis
  • Movies
  • PowerPoint Versions
  • Resources for Breakouts
  • Supplemental Documents from RSA
  • Agenda SRC Forum
  • Instructions for CD 
  • Participant List