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VR Supervisor Academy Session 5: Winter 2020

Event Date(s): 

Thursday, January 16, 2020

The Vocational Rehabilitation Supervisor Academy (VRSA) is an interactive, peer consultation seminar designed to:

  • Increase understanding of supervisory performance impact on the VR agency, field unit and individual staff.
  • Increase understanding of the impact of WIOA on the role of the supervisor
  • Increase understanding of the impact of supervisory modeling in difficult situations – especially in times of change.
  • Build a support network for front line agency leadership
  • Apply tools for increased accountability throughout the VR agency.
  • Establish professional development plans to apply learning in the agency setting

Participation in all three sessions is required.

The three sessions are as follows:

Session 1: Online meeting using Zoom, January 16, 2020

Session 2: In-person event in San Antonio, TX, February 4 to 6, 2020

Session 3: Online meeting using Zoom, Date and time to be planned during face-to-face session in San Antonio

To register, visit: