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Project Management

ADII can assist your organization in prioritizing, assessing, and implementing training, program activities, and site surveys to meet your goals and achieve a comprehensive transition plan. 

Relevant projects have included: 

•   Washington County, OR Self-Evaluation and Transition Plan (Accessibility Consultant), 2020-present

•   Bellingham, WA - Public Right of Way Self-Evaluation and Transition Plan (Accessibility Consultant), 2019-2021

•   Washington State Department of Health COVID-19 Vaccine Communication Efforts Grant 2021

•   King County, WA Coronavirus Relief Grant - 2020

•   King County Metro, WA Reduced-Fare Permit Accessibility Online Program, 2020

•   City of Ketchum, ID Self-Evaluation and Transition Plan and Design Plan Review projects (Accessibility Consultant), 2017-2020

•   Woodland Park Zoo, Seattle, WA - Guest Inclusion Program and Zoo For All Programs, 2016-2021

•    Research on healthcare access and the ADA within the Northwest region 

•    Community Engagement Initiative (CEI) in Pendleton, OR on healthcare access for people with disabilities

•    Accessibility at the Washington State Department of Corrections (DOC) Part 1 & 2, which not only addressed physical accessibility but also enhanced opportunities for participation in DOC programs and improved policies benefiting people with disabilities, 2013-2015


For questions about services or consultation, please contact Eva L. de Leon at or 425-771-7425.