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Accessibility Review

We work with organizations to identify physical barriers and analyze programs and services to improve access and inclusion for all. In compliance with current ADA requirements and state and local building code, we can address the following in our accessibility reviews:

Physical Access, which could include, but is not limited to:
•    Access to and use of facilities by customers, visitors, and employees
•    Entrances and exits, parking, and paths of travel, both internal and external
•    Restrooms and other physical amenities, including counters, service windows, waiting areas, and elevators

Program and Service Accessibility
•    Policy and Operations
•    Communications and Web Accessibility

Digital Accessibility
•    Human evaluators conduct a manual test with first-hand experience to ensure your web content is actually accessible
•    Use accessibility evaluation tools to ensure access to videos, webpages, and electronic documents are fully accessible

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For questions about services or consultation, please get in touch with Eva L. de Leon at or 425-771-7425.