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CCER Enters 2021 with New Leadership

2020 was a year of transitions for CCER.  We saw the planned retirements of two long time CCER leaders, Kathe Matrone and Laurie Ford, and the rise of a new leadership team ready to accept the baton, and lead CCER into the future.

Elizabeth "Beth" Boland, Ph.D., CRC is serving as our Interim Director.  Beth has a rich background in Vocational Rehabilitation (VR), and is a Professor and the Academic Program Director of Masters of Arts in Rehabilitation Counseling program at Western Washington University (WWU).  Beth has joined the CCER team under a shared agreement between the University of Washington and WWU.  Beth can be reached by phone at 425-308-2969 or email at

The CCER leadership team now includes two new Assistant Director Positions:

Eva L. de Leon, M.A., CRC, ADAC assumes the position of Assistant CCER Director of Programs.  Eva focuses on building synergy and integration across all projects at CCER.  She continues to serve as the Director of Accessible Design and Innovative Inclusion (ADII) to help both public and private organizations of all kinds create inclusive, user-friendly, and accessible experiences for all.  Eva can be reached by phone at 425-771-7425 or email at

Susan Dziedzic assumes the position of Assistant CCER Director of Finance and Operations.  She is helping CCER build on a successful business plan that has resulted in systematic and targeted growth of CCER's revenue over the past three years.  Susan can be reached by phone at 425-771-7420 or email at

CCER sees a transition in leadership at Northwest ADA Center

Kurt Johnson, Ph.D., CRC, Professor and Co-Director of UW Center on Human Development and Disability (UWCTDS), Department of Rehabilitation Medicine continues in his role as the Northwest ADA Center's Principal Investigator (PI).  Kurt can be reached by phone at 206-543-3677 or email at

Michael Richardson recently left the Northwest ADA Center Director position, and has taken an important position as Senior Disability Specialist at Amazon.  Although he will be missed greatly, we are thankful that Michael will return to us as a member of the Center's Advisory Council.

Mell Toy steps into the role of the Northwest ADA Center Interim Director.  She has been the Center's Assistant Director for the past three years, and brings nearly 19 years experience in disability rights and services; including 10 years in blind rehabilitation working for the Washington Department of Services for the Blind, the Veterans Administration, and Sight Connection.  She is a certified Orientation and Mobility Specialist and a certified Low Vision Therapist.  Mell can be reached by phone at 425-248-2480 or email at

Kathe Matrone, Ph.D., CRC, Director Emeritus, joins CCER as a consultant for the Northwest ADA grant and research development.

Two CCER staff members take on new roles:

Kelly Franklin, M.Ed., who joined CCER in early 2020 to co-direct our VR program with Laurie Ford, assumes the role of Director of VR Projects and Services.  She brings 30 years of experience working in direct service and leadership at VR agencies in the Northwest, including training and advising VR agencies across the country.  Kelly will be your first contact for all things VR, and can be reached by phone at 425-771-7427 or email at 

Tammi Olson takes on new responsibilities with a promotion to a Continuing Education Coordinator, and is now an Accessibility and Information Specialist for the Accessible Design and Innovative Inclusion project (ADII) where she assists Eva de Leon in meeting the growing demand for accessibility surveys and other ADII services.  She also provides technical assistance as a part of the Northwest ADA Center team.  Tammi can be reached by phone at 425-771-7434 or email at