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Vocational Rehab Supervisor Academy

The Vocational Rehab Supervisor Academy is a chance to bring together supervisors from around the country.  The goal is to learn, share, and grow using techniques taught by leading professionals.  The academy is composed of three sessions.  Sessions 1 and 3 are online via Zoom Meeting, Session 2 is an in-person multi-day training, where the location changes based on the needs of the training.

 Supervisor Academy (VRSA) 

Session 1:
What’s it All About? VR Supervision in a Rapidly Changing EnvironmentA webinar to establish expectations and guide the learning experience. In this session, participants will meet the others in the cohort, share their notable accomplishments and identify their greatest challenges.

Session 2:
Managing the Individual, the Team and the Agency EnvironmentAthree-day face-to-face session that provides an experiential learning opportunity. The content will include limited lectures, group activities and simulated learning experiences. Participants will work in small groups to practice skills and develop strategies to solve their individual challenges within the context of WIOA.

Session 3:
How’s it Working for You? VR Supervision in the Real WorldA small group on-line debrief of action plans developed during the face-to-face sessions will wrap up the VRSA. These sessions focus on lessons learned in the implementation of identified strategies for individual challenges in working with individuals, teams and the larger agency and partners.

We will continue to have VRSA throughout the year on a rotating basis.  Please contact, Kelly Franklin or call 425-771-7427 for more information on upcoming VR Supervisor Academies.

View example of past VRSA Flyer