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CCER helps rehabilitation professionals and organizations advance the performance of their most vital asset—their people. 

With a 34-year history of providing training, support, and consultation to state rehabilitation agencies and community rehabilitation and independent living programs in Alaska, Idaho, Oregon, and Washington, CCER has developed a national reputation for innovation that facilitates learning and promotes partnerships.

Key projects are the cornerstones of CCER's activities, including the Northwest ADA Center, with director, Michael Richardson and funded through NIDILRR; the Job-Driven Vocational Rehabilitation and Technical Assistance Center (JDVRTAC), a project of the Institute for Community Inclusion at UMass Boston, with project director, Laurie Ford and funded through RSA;  ADII - Accessible Design and Innovative Inclusion Center, with director, Eva L. deLeon, and the Rehabilitation Leadership Institute, facilitated by Paul Dziedzic. 

With 11 staff members, CCER operates within the University of Washington's Department of Rehabilitation Medicine. CCER director, Dr. Kathe Matrone and program director, Laurie Ford each have clinical appointments within the Division of Rehabilitation Counseling. 

For more information on CCER projects, contact Laurie Ford, (425) 771-7428.