Leadership is not magic, charisma or the responsibility of a chosen few.  Leadership is the result of specific behaviors that can be developed and implemented at all levels of an organization.  Leaders are ordinary people who get extraordinary things done.

The Emerging Leaders Series is a program cosponsored by TACE Northwest at the University of Washington and TACE 8 at the University of Northern Colorado. It is designed to develop and enhance the leadership skills of managers in public and private non-profit rehabilitation agencies within the Pacific Northwest.  The program is intended primarily for mid-managers of state rehabilitation agencies and large non-profit programs, and upper-level managers of other community rehabilitation programs, Client Assistance Projects, Independent Living Centers, and similar organizations.  The program consists of 9 days of training divided into three sessions of 3 days each.


The purpose of the Emerging Leaders in Rehabilitation Series is to challenge individuals to become positive forces of change within their organization and the field of rehabilitation by adopting exemplary leadership practices.


The goal is to provide the opportunity for participants to develop and refine their leadership skills in relation to their current job and future leadership positions.


At the conclusion of the Emerging Leaders in Rehabilitation Series, participants will:

  • Increase their self-awareness and understanding of individual differences.
  • Understand how and why changes occur (or do not occur) within organizations.
  • Know how to create an environment conducive to positive change.
  • Recognize the impact of external environmental factors on individuals in leadership positions.
  • Envision the future and implement practical steps to move toward that vision.


The content of the three sessions is based primarily on the ten behavioral commitments of successful leaders described in the book The Leadership Challenge by James Kouzes and Barry Posner:

Session I: Building Relationships That Work

  • Foster collaboration by promoting cooperative goals and building trust.
  • Strengthen others by sharing information and power.
  • Set an example for others by acting in ways consistent with one's values.
  • Recognize individual contributions to success of every project.
  • Celebrate team accomplishments regularly.

The first session focuses on understanding differences about how people think, feel and behave in relation to working together in a constructive way.  Participants are asked to complete a variety of self-assessment instruments, including the Leadership Practices Inventory that is also completed by others who work closely with the participant.  A day is spent on the "Challenge Course," an ingenious outdoor experience designed to foster teamwork and group problem solving.

Session II: Moving Toward Your Vision

  • Envision an uplifting and ennobling future.
  • Enlist others in a common vision by appealing to their values, interests, hopes and dreams.
  • Search for challenging opportunities to change, grow, innovate and improve.
  • Experiment, take risks, and learn from the accompanying mistakes.
  • Plan small wins that promote consistent progress and build commitment.

Defining a change project to be implemented within each participant's agency is the primary focus of the second session.  Each participant develops a vision for their program, considers the interests and values of people who affect their ability to get things done and identifies a way to change and improve their program.  They pursue that change between sessions two and three.

Session III: Leadership At Or Near The Top

While leaders are necessary and exist at all levels of an organization, there are positions at or near the top that are considered leadership positions.  Session III examines the similarities and differences among leadership at various levels of an organization and how to prepare for leadership positions.  Time is also spent reviewing lessons learned during implementation of the change projects.


A variety of procedures and formats will be utilized during the series including small group discussion, role-playing, simulations, videotaping, individual consultation, lectures, and guest presentations.  These activities will take place in various locations in and around the Seattle area.  Participants are expected to be actively involved and willing to share their knowledge and insights with others.  In addition to the implementation of a change project within the participant's agency during the series, there will be other brief assignments between sessions and occasional evening meetings or assignments during the sessions.


The primary trainer for the series is Paul Dziedzic.  Paul is the former Special Assistant to the Governor of Washington on Substance Abuse Issues and the former Director of the Washington Department of Services for the Blind, during which time he served as President of the Council of State Administrators of Vocational Rehabilitation. Other instructors, selected for their demonstrated effectiveness as leaders, will be utilized for certain aspects of the series.

                                 REACTIONS FROM PREVIOUS PARTICIPANTS

"It is a dynamic presentation of the building blocks of leadership...The series was a fun, exciting and very encouraging exercise in human behavior."

"I highly recommend that you have the opportunity to attend this workshop."

"After each session I felt truly empowered and energized to get things done.  If you sincerely desire to be an agent of change, this is an opportunity for you to develop the skills in order to do that."

"You are in for a treat, both personally and professionally...You will find that 'sharing' and 'caring' will take on more positive meanings...Most of all you will have the opportunity to meet and learn from two leaders who have experienced management in the fast lane."

"I came to the Emerging Leaders Series with an open mind and have benefited throughout the training enormously."

If you want to explore and develop your leadership skills, I highly recommend the Emerging Leader training series."

"It's much more than even the most dynamic seminar.  It's different than training."

                   EMERGING LEADERS SERIES


The Emerging Leaders Series is intended primarily for:

  • Mid and upper-level managers, including directors, of community-based rehabilitation, job-training and related rograms.
  • Mid-managers of state agencies involved in rehabilitation, job-training and related programs.

Individuals are nominated by the Directors of their agencies (who may nominate themselves) or by others in leadership positions with the approval of their agency Director or Board Chairperson.  The criteria for nominations are:

  • Demonstrated leadership potential
  • Professionally competent and respected
  • Commitment to their field and to the people they serve.
  • Willingness to invest considerable time and effort to develop their leadership potential

Nominations of persons who are members of groups that have been traditionally underrepresented such as members of racial or ethnic minority groups, women, and persons with disabilities are encouraged.


Individuals accepted into the Emerging Leaders Series must agree to attend and actively participate in all three sessions.  There will be material to read or other assignments prior to every session and occasional evening assignments during the sessions.  Each participant will be required to develop and implement a project that will result in a positive change within their organization or community.


There will be a $1600.00 registration fee for the 9 days of training.  Travel and per diem expenses are the responsibility of the participant and/or participant's agency.  Registration fees are due at the time of acceptance into the program unless arrangements have been made with TACE 8 University of Northern Colorado. Participants selected to participate in the 2014 Emerging Leaders Series will receive instructions on how to register with and make payment to TACE 8.

                                                              2014 SCHEDULE

Session I:                  Tuesday June 3 - Friday June 6 - in Seattle, Washington
Session II:                 Tuesday  July 29 - Friday August 1 - in Seattle, Washington
Session III:                Tuesday November 4 - Friday November 7- in Olympia, WA

After completing the Nomination Form, please send this information, along with the enclosed application form, to the individual you have nominated.

                          NOMINATION FORM


Please complete this Nomination Form and email it to: pdzconsulting@gmail.com

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                                     EMERGING LEADERS SERIES
                                            APPLICATION FORM


Please complete this Application Form and email it to: pdzconsulting@gmail.com

Center for Continuing Education in Rehabilitation
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Email: pdzconsulting@gmail.com

I am applying for the Emerging Leaders Series.  I have read the program description, requirements and schedule.  If selected to participate, I am committed to participating fully in the program.

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On a separate page, please briefly respond to the following three items:

1.     Describe your current job responsibilities.

2.     Describe a professional accomplishment of which you are particularly proud.

3.     Why do you want to participate in the Emerging Leaders Series?