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Accessibility App

ADII is in the process of creating an accessibility app, called ADA-Check, that can be used by anyone who wishes to conduct a survey of their own buildings and locations.  ADII is please to provide you with accessibility checklist options within this app.  It is designed to be a convenient tool for identifying architectural and communication barriers that may be encountered by people with disabilities.  The checklist is intended for both public and private buildings.

This checklist can be used to survey the entire facility, or specific areas or elements (e.g. parking lots, restrooms, doorways, signs, etc.).  The checklist can be used as a guide to increase awareness of architectural and communication barriers which prevent full access to buildings and facilities by people with disabilities.  This checklist is NOT a substitute for Federal accessiblity or state and local standards.

Here are just a few of our checklist options:

  • General Accessibility
  • WA State Accessibility
  • OR State Accessibility
  • ID State Accessiblity
  • State Correctional Facilities
  • Medical Clinics and Healthcare Facilities
  • Places of lodging and accommodation
  • Museums
  • Libraries
  • Signage

ADA-Check is currently in BETA testing and not yet available for public use.  If you have questions, please contact