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About CCER

The Center for Continuing Education in Rehabilitation (CCER) helps organizations understand and develop strategies on how to employ and serve people with disabilities. 

Working with public agencies, private businesses and non-profits, we:

•    Provide training for employees on disability language and etiquette 

•    Help businesses and their employees with disabilities find workable solutions for job accommodations

•    Provide guidance on using assistive technology that helps people with disabilities succeed on the job and live independently

•    Conduct onsite accessibility surveys to help businesses and government agencies identify ways to provide barrier-free, welcoming environments for all employees and customers

•    Train staff of community rehabilitation agencies on how to help people with disabilities find meaningful jobs

•    Work with organization leaders on strategies to identify and implement ways to improve their results on serving or employing people with disabilities 


Promoting access and inclusion for people with disabilities through education, collaboration, and connection to resources.