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Example of way finding using grooves in pavement
The Many Ways of Wayfinding

Tuesday September 12, 2017
10am to 11:30am PST
Cost: $45 per site
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In this 90-minute webinar, speaker Peggy Martinez will discuss a variety of issues involving wayfinding, including the following:

What is wayfinding?

  • The varied conditions of blindness and low vision.
  • How do people who are blind and sight-impaired navigate in the world, tools and techniques?
  • What is orientation and mobility?
  • Indoor vs outdoor navigation.
  • Use of sound, texture, natural conditions and topography in wayfinding.
  • Low tech vs high tech wayfinding tools.
  • Signage, braille, raised print, high contrast and directionality.
  • Obstructions and protrusions.
  • Wayfinding in large open spaces such as transit. terminals, stadium entrances, campuses and parks.

2017 Strategic Planning Event
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Come Join us for this exciting series!
Increasing Knowledge & Skills for Change Management Developing Individuals,
Teams & Key Relationships in VR Agencies

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Session 1: September 12, 2017, Webinar Session @ 1:00pm EDT
Session 2: October 24-26, 2017, Three-Day Session in San Antonio, TX

Session 3: January 2018-Exact dates for Small Group Sessions TBA

Cost: $1,500
Includes three sessions, including all resource materials for the program.  
Participants will be responsible for travel costs associated with the San Antonio session

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